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Muslims proud to-be US, but state they deal with considerable problems in U.S. culture

Muslims proud to-be US, but state they deal with considerable problems in U.S. culture

Muslims leery of Trump

S. Muslim society has gotten a lot of mass media coverage, specially appropriate Trump’s declaration during the campaign he would look for a a€?total and total shutdown of Muslims going into the United Statesa€? and his executive purchase blocking travel from six Muslim-majority countries. 2

About three-quarters of Muslim Us americans (74%) say the country’s latest leader try unfriendly toward her group, while two-thirds (65per cent) say they disapprove in the means Trump try handling his tasks as president. U.S. Muslim viewpoint on the resting president has transformed significantly since 2011, whenever Muslims conveyed a whole lot more good vista of Barack Obama.

In 2007, around the conclusion of his second phrase, George W. plant got endorsement ratings from U.S. Muslims that were when it comes to as low as Trump’s nowadays. Respondents where review were not expected whether or not they think Bush is friendly toward Muslim Us citizens.

Inside the latest review, respondents were expected whether Trump makes them think four behavior a€“ two good (wish and contentment) and two unfavorable (worry and anger). Completely two-thirds of Muslim Us americans (68%) say the president makes them think stressed, and 45per cent state he makes them become upset. Far fewer say the president makes them feel optimistic (26per cent) or delighted (17percent).

Muslim People in the us become not likely than the public all together to express Trump means they are feel hopeful (26per cent vs. 40per cent) or happier (17per cent vs. 30per cent), but about as likely to state Trump means they are think nervous or enraged.

U.S. Muslims present satisfaction inside their spiritual and nationwide identities identical. Totally 97percent concur with the statement, a€?i will be happy become Muslim.a€? Nearly as much (92per cent) say they agree with the statement, a€?I am satisfied as an American.a€? Overall, 89percent agree with both statements, saying they’re proud to get Muslim and satisfied becoming American. Only 6per cent say these include happy as Muslim rather than pleased are US, and 1percent say these are generally happy become United states and not happy to-be Muslim.

At the same time, many Muslims state they deal with numerous significant problems for making their own method in US people. Completely one half declare that it is harder to-be 321Chat Muslim inside U.S. nowadays, and an extra 44percent state the difficulty or simple being Muslim hasn’t altered definitely. Simply 3percent volunteer this is actually more straightforward to end up being Muslim in America.

The relationship between Donald Trump and the U

Muslims which state it is tougher getting Muslim when you look at the U.S. recently comprise questioned to explain, in their own terminology, the main known reasons for this. The most prevalent replies include comments about Muslim extremists in other countries, myths and stereotyping about Islam among the U.S. general public, and Trump’s thinking and policies toward Muslims. (For complete info, see here.)

More Muslims (60percent) also perceive news protection of Muslims and Islam as unfair, and an equivalent show (62%) think the US everyone as a whole try not to discover Islam included in traditional US people. These vista are mainly echoed by U.S. people on the whole, lots of whom agree that news insurance of Muslims is unfair and state they personally don’t read Islam included in mainstream community.

But stress isn’t the best thing that defines the relationship between Muslims and remainder of the U.S. society. Six-in-ten U.S. Muslims state they usually have a whole lot in keeping with a lot of People in america. And Muslims tend to be more likely to say the US visitors, generally, include friendly toward Muslims in the united kingdom (55per cent) than to look at Us americans all together as unfriendly (14%). (Three-in-ten state Us americans are usually natural toward Muslims.) Furthermore, U.S. Muslims have become slightly more prone to view the United states community as friendly toward them since 2011, whenever 48percent took this situation.

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